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“What a wonderful children’s book, I absolutely loved Superhero Foods! The nutritional information is easy to understand and the colourful illustrations perfectly highlight each message. The beautiful delivery of nutritional information will help any child explore new foods for superhero powers. Every parent, caregiver and child-based educational facility need this book.”

- Delina Rahmate, BHSc. (Nutritional Medicine), B. Nursing, GradDip. (Education), Grandmother


“My children and I loved Superhero Foods. The illustrations made the story come to life for my two daughters and the message behind it is fantastic. Since reading the book they have begun asking questions about other foods and how they benefit the body. I wish this was introduced to me when I was young.”

- Mitch Evans, Former New York Yankee, Father of young girls

“My twins are only 9 months old and I couldn’t wait to show them Superhero Foods! They can’t read yet but love the illustrations, and they’ve already eaten most of the foods in the book! It’s important to us that our twins grow up with a positive relationship to healthy food, and this book is a perfect start to that journey. Plus... I learnt quite a bit too!”

- Megan, Mother of twins


“Superhero Foods is such a fun way to get kids excited about the secrets that lie in the fruit & veggies they eat. I’m sure reading it to my daughter’s year 1 class has sparked excitement about trying new vegetables! The added e-resource book gives an expanded look at each of these fruits and vegetables. So glad a friend told me about this!”

- Livia, Health Advocate and Mum of 2

"Superhero Foods is a clever way to show kids the importance of healthy eating. My step-kids and I enjoy reading this before bed, going over all the superheroes we ate that day. The colourful illustrations keep them engaged the entire way. Highly recommend this if you’re having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables, it’s a fun way to make them understand why we keep serving them up on their plate."

- Lisa Ann, Step Mum of 2 girls


“An adorable children's book which makes learning fun! If you want your kids to learn about healthy foods for their bodies then this book is for you!”

- Amanda, Health-Conscious Babe